La Société Acadienne de Torbé

La Societe Acadienne Torbe

Join us for Festival Savalette!

August 7th-11th

Participate in our voyage of discovery!

Tor Bay Provincial Park

650 Tor Bay Branch Rd,
Larrys River, Nova Scotia
B0H 1T0, Canada

Parc De Nos Ancetres

650 Tor Bay Branch Rd,
Larrys River, Nova Scotia

Larry's River Footbridge

83 E Side Rd,
Larrys River, Nova Scotia
B0H 1T0, Canada

Eglise St. Pierre

6253 Marine Dr,
Larrys River, Nova Scotia
B0H 1T0, Canada

Communities Along The Bay Multi Use Facility

6283 NS-316,
Larrys River, Nova Scotia
B0H 1T0, Canada

Community of Larry's River

Community of Charlos Cove

Community of Port Félix

Community of Lundy


Festival Savalette

Join us every year from Wednesday to Sunday of the first week of August, as we celebrate the Acadian Culture of our Region!

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This term has been used by Acadians for centuries and was/is translated as a “racket”, or “noisy gathering”. Early social events marked by music, dancing and merry celebrations were called such. The word was also used to describe the noisy arrival and departure of thousands of Canada geese that would land on the Chignecto marshes near the present day New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border during their north/south migrations. The word was later anglicized, pronounced and spelled “Tantramar”. Today the area is known by many as the Tantramar Flats, or Marshes.

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A non-profit volunteer organization representing Acadians who live or have links and interests in the Tor Bay region of Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Its goals are to promote and encourage Acadian culture, genealogy and history research and sharing this information with all who are interested in the Tor Bay Acadian families and communities. It attempts to develop effective means of facilitating communications and connecting voices regardless of location. It promotes the sharing of information to all interested people as regularly as possible and hold local  annual celebrations aimed at encouraging Acadian culture, genealogy, and history as well as provide family enjoyment in the area. It  also promotes la Place Savalette, le Parc de Nos Ancêtres, and Salle Acadienne as unique tourist gems for visitors and friends to visit.