Items for Sale

We have many hand crafted items for sale made by locals from the community.

Wooden Boat

Beautiful wooden boat for sale. Measures four feet wide. Great for any lawn decor and you can even add flowers to it!

Price: $200.00

Wooden Boat Shelf

Wooden Boat Shelf built from solid pine. Measures five height. Great for any living room or bedroom!

Price: $300.00

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Rules & Information

Please be careful when making purchases.

Here are some examples:

  • Don’t purchase electronics unless you can plugged them in first to prove they work.
  • Don’t purchase items that have been claimed to be authentic unless they come with proof of authenticity or you research how to identify a potential fake.
  • Don’t buy clothes until you have given them an inspection to make sure they are of quality that the seller has proposed (one persons interpretation of “good condition” might be different than someone else’s.)
  • Don’t buy clothes if the seller won’t let you try on for sizing before buying OR assume that if you don’t try the clothing first that if they don’t fit you can’t return them.

Once you pass over the money this is confirmation that the item you purchased is up to your satisfaction!

  • There will be no refunds!
  • Prices are firm.
  • Tax Free items.
  • Located throughout Larry’s River and Tor Bay.
  • Delivery may be available.