Past Inductees

This initiative was begun as an attempt to share the profiles of individuals with roots in the Tor Bay Acadian communities and who have provided outstanding service and accomplishments here, or in the world at large. It is our desire to have all public domains represented as entries are made. Examples–sports, business, community service, military, religion, politics, medicine, education, the arts, etc. Each year since 2011, we have accumulated stories of 2 or 3 individuals who have made outstanding contributions in these previously named domains. A public presentation is made of these profiled people at a featured event during the opening night of our Festival Savalette held on the first Thursday of August. When possible, we have the inductees present, or someone connected to them participate in this ceremony. Each story is then carefully documented and added to a binder for public exposure and sharing. Someday, perhaps we can put these together in a book form.

We encourage suggestions of worthy stories and potential candidates and ask anyone to send these suggestions to us for consideration and future inductions. The main prerequisite, is that the individual either has roots to this Acadian region (not necessarily born here), served the area at some point, or has made major contributions to our/their communities, country or world.