Photo Gallery

Festival Savalette 2023

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Photos donated by Regina Richard.

Photos donated by Francine Martell (Mello)

 Lost Shores photos of the Sugar Islands and Port Felix

 Lost Shores photos of the Sugar Islands and Port Felix

Photos by Sandra (Petitpas) Perro – Tracadie Petitpas Celebrations and Larry’s River Fougere Gathering.


Photos by donated by Grayce Pellerin

Photos Donated by Dan Crowley – Variety of Larry’s River visit memories

Compliments of Chris Condon – Pellerin Family Photos

Photos donated by Eileen Avery

Photos donated by the late Mabel Pellerin – Family Photos

Photos by Richard and Hushard Families, and the Larry’s River Footbridge – Donated by Regina Richard

Festival de Tamarin-A winter Festival held for 4 consecutive years during the mid-1980s. Named after a winter molasses candy made during the cold winter months and coincided with the old mid-Lenten celebration called, la Mi-Carême. People would disguise their appearance by creating costumes to hide their identities. Their actions would also attempt to mislead others in identifying the individuals behind the masks.