Place Savalette Official Opening Program-August 7, 2019

Monika Deursch Painting

Depiction of Basque Captain Savalette and company working side-by-side with Mi’kmaq during historic 1607 meeting with Samuel de Champlain

Place Savalette

Place Savalette/Port Félix under construction

  1. Greetings and Welcoming Address, by Darlene David/Cashin
  2. Project Background and Perspective by Project Committee members-Jude Avery, Blair Pellerin and Bob Webber
  3. Short VIP addresses: a) Warden Vern Pitts; b) Member of Paliament, Rodger Cuzner; c) Parks Canada; d) Mi’kmaq Representative, (TBA); e) Department of Acadian Affairs; f) ACOA Represntative (TBA)
  4. Unveiling of Interpretive Panels and Paintings with Park Sign (Monika Deursch, Waterline Graphix, Mi’kmaq Representative, (TBA), Port Félix community members)
  5. Unveiling of Parks Canada Plaque-Parks Canada, Darlene and Cecil Cashin, Mi’maq Representative (TBA), Committee Members
  6. Raising of Flags with singing of National Anthem, and Acadian Anthem

Photo ops:

  1. Mi’kmaq Representatives and all invited guests with crowd in the background over-looking the Harbour and Islands beyond
  2. Société des Acadiens de la Région de Tor Baie with Cecil and Darlene David/Cashin
  3. Park Builders : Tino Winters, Gary Richard, Brian George, Monika Deursch, Waterline Graphix, Darlene and Cecil Cashin, Project Committee


Reception at the Parish Hall across the road-All are welcomed!